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CEP Properties Ltd stands as the foremost provider of serviced accommodation in North Yorkshire, England. Our comprehensive suite of flexible lodging solutions caters to corporate executives, business professionals, contractors, and private individuals alike. Through close collaboration with our corporate clientele, CEP Properties Ltd guarantees the delivery of superlative services precisely tailored to meet their distinct requirements

Accommodation Locations

Based in North Yorkshire, England, CEP Properties Ltd specializes in providing premier serviced accommodation, strategically located near prominent landmarks including HarrogateBetty’s, York Minster, and Knaresborough Viaduct.

 This exceptional array of offerings has proven invaluable for discerning individuals seeking upscale lodgings in these locales. Our serviced accommodation transcend the limitations of conventional hotel stays, embracing a profound flexibility. Whether necessitating a brief single-day respite or embarking on a protracted residency, our spectrum of options caters to diverse durations of stay. CEP Properties Ltd not only ensures affordability but also encapsulates a commitment to comfort. Embracing amenities such as internet connectivity, designated television lounge zones, and comprehensive laundry services. The accommodation we offer epitomize a harmonious blend of luxury and practicality.

With CEP Properties Ltd’s extensive network of serviced accommodation spanning the Harrogate region, visitors are empowered to relish their professional or leisure sojourns in an ambiance of opulence, accompanied by seamless access to an array of indispensable conveniences.

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In Harrogate on Business?

Perhaps you are exhibiting at the Harrogate conference centre which is nearby to our serviced accommodation.

Whether your agenda entails local business engagements or a visit to the esteemed Yorkshire Event Centre, the accommodation we offer provides a comfortable and convenient haven for your sojourn.

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Our unwavering dedication to delivering service excellence is impeccably showcased within each meticulously selected CEP Properties apartment or townhouse, distinguished by its exceptional quality, unparalleled comfort, and distinct allure. Whether facilitating short-term sojourns or extended work engagements, CEP Properties Ltd. extends bespoke adaptations that cater to individual preferences, ensuring a seamless and hospitable stay regardless of its duration.


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- John D.​


"I've stayed here multiple times and it truly feels like a home away from home."


"The attention to detail in the accommodations is impressive. Highly recommended!"​

- Sarah R.​

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